Northwest Clinical Trials is dedicated to excellence in clinical research.

Northwest Clinical Trials is an independent, dedicated research facility in Boise, Idaho. Clinical Research is about developing new treatments for diseases and improving the health of people worldwide. Northwest Clinical Trials is proud to be a part of that process. Our mission is to provide high-quality data, enabling the biopharmaceutical industry to provide safe and effective compounds to improve the quality of life globally. 

At Northwest Clinical Trials, we strive to speed the process of new drug approval not only by providing on-time data, but also by assuring that data is clean, evaluable, and has been collected according to the latest standards and guidelines set forth by the FDA and other regulatory bodies. The staff at Northwest Clinical Trials understand the clinical research process and strive to conduct their trials with integrity, attentiveness, and professionalism.

Developed by experienced, certified individuals, Northwest Clinical Trials is dedicated to maintaining and improving the clinical trial process at the site level.

All staff members complete rigorous training courses and continuing education.

Dr. Brock McConnehey, DO, CPI, is a Certified Physician Investigator through the Academy of Pharmaceutical Physicians and Investigators (APPI) and has over fourteen years of clinical research experience.


Northwest Clinical Trials currently has studies that are open to the public for enrollment. Learn more about these studies we offer and see if you qualify to participate in one.  


For the past ten years Northwest Clinical Trials has been conducting a wide range of medical studies from dermatology to the cardiovascular system. If we have a study that interests you please contact us to learn more. 


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Founded by Dr. Brock McConnehey in 2006, Northwest Clinical Trials combines over 30 years of knowledge and experience. Click here to learn more about our impact in the medical industry.